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ECO by Cosentino

How is it different from SILESTONE?

ECO by Cosentino is a conglomerate surface, composed of 75% recycled materials,while the rest, though not recycled, is as organic as possible, including the remains of quarry stone, quartz and a resin with some vegetable content.

The difference with Silestone is in the raw material. While Silestone® is mainly quartz, ECO by Cosentino is basically composed of sanitary ware, porcelain tiles, porcelain stoneware, glass, micronised glass and vitrified ash.

Why buy ECO by Cosentino?

Greater independence from natural resources that are increasingly harder to find. This reduces our pollution of the environment. Sustainability for new generations. Materials that are attractive for institutions and official organisations. Growing market. New customers are more and more committed. Large volume of recycled material in each slab (600 bottles, 250 plates, etc.). Greenguard and NSF certification.

75% recycled from:

  • Porcelain
  • tiles
  • sinks
  • toilets, and other similar products.
  • Glass
  • windows
  • containers
  • glassware.
  • Mirrors from dwellings, buildings and factories
  • Earthenware from reclaimed tiles
  • Vitrified ash and waste generated by blast furnaces and power generating processes


The total resin content is between 8-12% with 20% of this from corn oil developed exclusively by Cosentino. The remainder being polyester resin. The quartz content can vary between 0-15% of the total volume dependant upon the colour.

What competitive advantages are there in ECO by Cosentino?

High quality material: High chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. Low porosity, also making it highly resistant to stains.

Innovation: There are not many materials with such a high content of recycled material (75%) and these properties.

Sustainable architecture: Material suitable for use as a construction material for sustainable buildings.

Certification: Cradle to Cradle. Points for LEED. 100% recyclable. Style: Even though it is a recycled surface, it is also an innovative surface.

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