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Silestone Quartz

Quartz adds an element of sparkle to the room whether it be dining or living commanding attention in the room it is in. With our Silestone Quartz products the manufacturer offers you a 10 year registered warranty for stains and scratches.

Silestone is a compound that consists mainly of quartz, although it may contain other types of inorganic material.

The composition varies with colour. It uses unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, in a proportion that is always under 10%. The percentages of the different components vary according to the series.


Because it is a NON-POROUS material

All air pockets are removed during the manufacturing process by means of vibrocompression.

Because it is a TOUGH AND LONG-LASTING material.

It is difficult to scratch with normal household utensils and objects and is highly resistant to impact.

Because it is LOW MAINTENANCE.

The almost non-existent pore content of this material means that stains remain on the surface and do not penetrate easily into the material, making it is easy to clean.

Because the colour is always CONSISTENT

As it is engineered stone, the colour quality and consistency of this material can be ensured for every slab, while enabling the product to be reinvented each year in new textures, patterns and colours.

What are SILESTONE competitive advantages?

Antibacterial protection:

The composition of Silestone® has integrated antibacterial protection, which is permanent and lasts for the lifetime of the product. This protection is active, bacteriostatic properties.


Greenguard, NSF, LGA and DIT, issued by the Eduardo Torroja Institute.

Major investment in R&D:

Continuous advances in manufacturing processes and in formulation allows the product to be given extra functions and better performance compared with other quartz surface manufacturers.

Image and positioning:

Silestone is the world’s leading and most widely-recognised brand of quartz worktops.

Research and development:

There is continuous development of new colours and the range is updated every year based on new trends. Our colour chart is always at the height of style.

Silestone Quartz samples
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